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In order to build capacity and transform COCONet into a more sustainable entity, participants in the 3rd Workshop believed that it would be necessary to accelerate project in some key strategic areas and that this could be carried out by volunteer working groups over the course of year 3 of the project. Four strategic areas, which could develop working groups, were identified during 3rd workshop. The following is a summary of these four working groups, along with their strategic objectives, task outlines and a list of volunteers willing to participate.

If you are interested in participating in one of these working groups, please contact the key UNAVCO staff listed below.

Working group 1 – Data Networks
Key UNAVCO staff: Freddy Blume -

Strategic Objective: Investigate and test the feasibility of leveraging CKLN/RedCLARA networks for end-to-end GPS data transport and receiver control.

A proposed guideline for achieving this objective follows:

  • Determine CKLN /RedCLARA access and connectivity requirements.
  • Determine where the CKLN/RedCLARA access nodes are located in the COCONet footprint in relationship to the installed or planned cGPS stations and repositories.
  • Determine feasibility of using such locations as CORS site and/or last-mile communications requirements to nearest CORS.
  • Determine communications requirements to repositories and or Data Centers.
  • Procure last-mile medium and conduct end-end test in 4 pilot regions.
  • Prepare test and feasibility reports for Network Administration.

For this workgroup the members were drawn from a few pilot states/regions, UNAVCO, RedCLARA and CKLN. The suggested timeframe for execution is end of March 2013.
The proposed members of Working group 1 and their affiliations are:

  • Enrique Cabral (Mexico/N. America)
  • Marino Protti (Costa Rica/C. America)
  • Hector Mora (Colombia/S. America)
  • Lloyd Lynch (Trinidad/SE Caribbean)
  • Freddy Blume (UNAVCO)
  • Rep. from CKLN (To be identified)
  • Rep. from RedCLARA (To be identified)

Working group 2 – Regional Data Centers
Key UNAVCO staff: Chuck Meertens -

Determine the Data Processing/Data Center (DP/DC) requirements of COCONet member regions.

A proposed guideline for achieving this objective follows:

  • For each of 4/5 institutions expressing interest from pilot sub-regions:
    • Determine current and future community needs (national, sub-regional and regional).
    • Determine current DP/DC resources in these regions and estimate resource needs/requirements to scale such requirements to meet community needs.
    • Develop a scaling strategy and an attendant proposal.
  • Evaluate all proposals with a view to identify synergy and other resource saving opportunities.
  • Based on feasibility, make appropriate recommendations on meeting objective.
  • Develop regional strategy and proposals to secure the necessary resources.
  • Report findings.

The proposed members of Working group 2 and their affiliations are:

  • Hector Mora-Páez (CGS, Colombia/S. America)
  • Machel Higgins (SRC-UWI, Trinidad/E. Caribbean)
  • Alberto López (UPRM, Puerto Rico/N. Caribbean)
  • Enrique Cabral (IG-UNAM, Mexico/N. America)
  • Dave Mencin (UNAVCO)
  • Chuck Meertens (UNAVCO)
  • Representatives from RedCLARA and CKLN (To be identified)
  • Representative from INETER/Nicaragua (To be identified)

Working group 3 – Scientific Training
Key UNAVCO staff: Donna Charlevoix -

Strategic Objective: Develop plans for having the three 2013 COCONet PASI’s videocasted and webcasted to selected institutions within COCONet member regions.

A suggested guideline for achieving this objective follows:

  • Work with PASI organizers to determine requirements for recording at and for transmitting live video and web feeds from the course venues.
  • Determine the number of candidates who wish to participate in courses remotely and identify appropriate sub-regional institutions to host the broadcasts.
  • Determine cost and other requirements.
  • Secure resources to make it happen and make the necessary preparations.
  • Report to COCONet Community before May 2013.

The proposed members of Working group 3 and their affiliations are:

  • Donna Charlevoix (UNAVCO)
  • Andrea Sealy (CIMH-UWI, Barbados/ Caribbean)
  • Rob Watts (SRC-UWI, Trinidad/E. Caribbean)
  • John Braun (UCAR, Colorado/USA)
  • Pete LaFemina (PSU, Pennsylvania/USA
  • Representative from RedCLARA and CKLN

Working group 4 – Community Engagement and Outreach
Key UNAVCO staff: Linda Rowan -

Strategic Objective: To promote COCONet in other scientific and non-scientific communities within the COCONet footprint region.

By targeting the follow communities, more interdisciplinary collaboration could be forged, thereby giving the COCONet project more traction and longevity. Since there are other regional programs and projects running in parallel with COCONet this initiative could identify prospects for resource sharing and other benefits.

  • Scientific: Geological, Seismological, Hydrological, Meteorological, Volcanological, and Tsunami EWS
  • Non-Scientific: Surveying, Agricultural, Environmental , Civil Engineering and Mining

Possible media that may be used include:

  • Conferences: e.g. Caribbean Geological Conference, CDM Conference, AGU
  • Outreach Activities
  • Newsletter articles
  • Weblinks to COCONet
  • Determine the avenues that could be leveraged to promote COCONet

A suggested guideline for achieving this objective follows:

  • Prepare current articles/presentation on COCONet
  • Seek opportunities to publish/present COCONet activities through avenues/media identified
  • Find individual(s) from COCONet community to deliver
  • Evaluate and Document

The proposed members of Working group 4 and their affiliations are:

  • Franck Audemard
    Venezuelan Foundation for Seismological Research – FUNVISIS

  • Carlos Fuller
    Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre

  • Leslie Jasen Hodge
    Land Surveyor
    Department of Lands and Surveys
    The Valley
    P.O. Box 60
    Tel. (264)-497-2424/2153 - Ext. 2863

  • Dr Peter Dare, P.Eng., FRICS
    Dept. of Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering
    University of New Brunswick
    PO Box 4400
    Fredericton, New Brunswick
    Canada, E3B 5A3
    +1 506 447 3016

  • Daniel A. Laó Dávila, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
    Boone Pickens School of Geology
    105 Noble Research Center
    Oklahoma State University
    Stillwater, OK 74078
    Phone: (405) 744-7725
    Fax: (405) 744-7841